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Rabu, 14 Desember 2022

Blood on Canvas


Roles           :  Minimum male roles            

·         Mr. Richard Anderson

·         Mr. James Brown

·         Mr. Antonio D’Gasto

·         Security : Dean Anderson (the son of Anderson)

·         Tour Guide

·         MC

·         Visitors

·         Policemen : 2 person


                           Minimum female roles         =


Run time         : 15 minutes (for short drama) [estimated]

                           Unknown duration  (for wide screen movie)


Music               : None

Style                : A tense happened in the art gallery

Genre              : Mystery Thriller

Synopsis          : Anderson is an artist who gets his popularity by getting the  tropy three times

                          in a row as the best artist in the United States. Unfortunately he must die in

  the night he gets


Properties       : Mic stand, small cupboard (as a refrigerator), two bottles of coke, paintings, knife,

  books, table, chair, security suit, neckless.



Beginning of the story, in the city of Los Angeles, California held the coronation of the best artists painter which is held every two years.

 Master of Ceremony :

“Ladies and gentlemen. . . . . . . tonight we are about to know who is the best artist in the United states of America this year. And here are the nomanies....Antonio Dgasto, James Brown and Richard Anderson. . . . . .”

“And the winner for the best artist this year goes to . . . . . . . . . . Richard Anderson . . . . . . “

Audience         : (bertepuk tangan dengan riuh) mengiringi Mr. Anderson naik ke panggung utama)

 Mr. Anderson: “ . . . . . well . . . .I don’t know how to thanks but I am grateful for this

                             apreciation and thank  you God, thank you to my supporters thank you. . . .

                             thank you. . . . thank you . . .”


After attending the program, he goes home late at night.

 Door opened sound and door snapped 

(Suara membuka pintu dan membanting pintu)

 He then turns on the light and doesn’t realize that there is someone unexpected surprises him.

 Anderson      : “Brown . . . . .?!!! . . . . .what are you doing here? . . . . I thought you. . . . .(Brown

   memotong pembicaraan Anderson)

 Brown            : “Well . . .I came here . . .  just . . . u . . know I want to say congratulation

for your  best acheivement as the best artist three times in a row.

Anderson      : “. . .well thank you . . . .but you’re also is one of the best artist that our country

  has   . . .o yeah please have a seat!”

Brown                        : “no, thanks!”

Anderson        :  “. . . mmm...can I get you a drink?”

Brown             : “I’d love to”

Anderson        : “Coke???. . . . .”

Brown             : “That’s fine”


                             (Brown tetap berdiri sambil sesekali melangkahkan kakinya selangkah demi

     selangkah sambil terus mengamati lukisan-lukisan yang menempel di

     dinding. Kemudian. . . . .


Brown             : “You are such a best artist. . . . just look at these paintings. . . . .what a great

    magnificance art. . . .”

Anderson        : “O...come on give me a break will you” . . . .ok . . just cut it out don’t

    continue flattering me like that . . . .”

Brown             : “So. . . .mmm . . . tell me what you’re gonna do next? I mean after getting the


Anderson        : “well. . . .Actually I have one . . . just wait a second . . . “

                              (Anderson berangkat ke kamarnya untuk membawa blueprint gallery

                             miliknya sambil berbicara)

                           “Actually I am going to make something worth for my paintings .  . .. well I

     would say it’s a gallery . . .ya . . .it’s an art gallery painting.  .. . .so what do

     you say?”


Brown             : “That’s great . . .ya . . . it is great” so . . . . let’s celebrate it!”

                            (gelas beradu) (tak lama setelah minum)

Anderson        “. . . .Ugh. . . .(while his hand touch the head) . . . .”

Brown             : “What happen?”

Anderson        : “No, it’s just . . . o god Ugh. . . .my head . . .ugh. . . I can’t breath . . . Brown

    help me!”

Brown             : “What? . . . . . .what did you say? . . . . help you . . . . ? . . .”

    (sambil menyeringai)

Anderson        : “What have you done to me? . .ugh . . .did you put something to my drink? . .      

    ugh . . . .”

    (Brown hanya menyeringai)

Anderson        : “Why . . . . .why Brown . . . . ?. . . . .”

Brown             : “Why? . . .do you wanna know whay I did it to you?  .. . .huh . . . . cause you

    have already taken something away that it should be mine. (intonasi tinggi).

    . . just look at for the past six years!. . . .I got nothing. . . .nothing . . . but      

    You . . . you got everything and you took everything away from me. . .

    appreciation . . .  money . . . popularity . . . .now it’s time for  me to pay

    back . . . .”

Anderson        : (sambil terengah-engah) . . . ”How could you . . .Anderson . . .Please, I would

   give you everything . . . . . “

   (Brown mendekati Anderson dan menusukkan pisau ke perut Anderson

    sambil berkata . . . .)”

Brown             : “No, you wouldn’t give me anything but I am going to take away from you . .

     . . . everything . . . . .”  (tertawa)


(Anderson terjatuh dan tangannya yang berlumuran menyentuh kanvas)



20 years later 

In the shining morning , people passing by on the street and as usual an art gallery filled by people who admire the work of a master painter well known that is Mr. James Brown . He is currently the only famous painter after the death of the famous maestro Mr. Richard Anderson tragically in which up to now there has not been also revealed the mystery of his murder .  

Di pagi yang bersinar, orang-orang berlalu lalang di jalan dan seperti biasanya sebuah galeri seni lukis dipenuhi oleh orang-orang yang mengagumi karya dari seorang maestro pelukis terkenal yaitu Mr. James Brown. Dia saat ini menjadi satu-satunya pelukis terkenal di negeri paman sam setelah meninggalnya maestro terkenal Mr. Richard Anderson secara tragis hingga saat ini belum juga terkuak misteri pembunuhannya.

 A security opened the gallery door saying

Seorang security membukakan pintu galery sambil berkata

Security           : “Morning Mr. Brown!”

Brown             : “Morning! . . . .are you a new security?”

Security           : “Yes, sir I am”

Brown             : “Good. . . . do well ok?”

Security           : “Yes, sir I will”

             Brown entered his room while in the gallery room many people looked at his work.
Brown masuk ke ruangannya sementara di dalam ruang galery banyak orang melihat-lihat hasil karyanya.

Tour guide      : “Gentlemen . . . may I have your attention, please! Thank you!”

                          We will see some of the results of the latest paintings of Mr. Brown, who will be 
                            launched at the grand opening Saturday night later and if you have 
                           any questions please ask!”

Kita akan melihat beberapa hasil karya lukisan terbaru dari Mr. Brown yang akan diluncurkan pada grand opening Saturday night nanti dan jika anda mempunyai pertanyaan silahkan tanyakan.

 1st visitor        : “What a good paintings here”

2nd visitor       : “Yes, you’re right”

 The 1st visitor bertanya kepada 3rd visitor karena dia terus menatap lukisan-lukisan yang ada di galeri tersebut dengan seksama/teliti.


1st visitor :  “Hey man . . . why you’ve been dreaming only just looked at the paintings ? Is 
                            there  anything strange about those paintings ?
3rd visitor       : “no, it’s nothing . . . I just mmmh . .  I feel strange with the characteristics of these 

.1st visitor       : “What do you mean? What happened to the paintings, man?”

3rd visitor       : Ok . . . I am going to tell you something I know . . . listen . . . do you  still   
                             remember lectures about art ? Lecturer we say that every artist has a certain 
                            characteristic in each painting and it marks characteristic of the artist's identity     
                            and when I read a book about the literary work of art and history,  that 20 years  
                             ago  we  had a master painter in the country name is Richard Anderson , he died 
                             tragically , until now not known who the killer is and all the paintings were lost 
                             somewhere ?


Ok. . . I am going to tell you something I know . . . listen . . . do you still remember materi kuliah tentang seni lukis? Dosen kita mengatakan bahwa setiap seniman memiliki karakteristik tertentu dalam setiap lukisannya dan itu menandakan ciri dari identitas si pelukis dan ketika saya membaca sebuah buku tentang karya sastra seni dan sejarahnya, bahwa 20 tahun yang lalu kita punya seorang maestro pelukis terbaik di negara ini namanya Richard Anderson, dia meninggal secara tragis, sampai saat ini belum diketahui siapa pembunuhnya dan semua lukisannya raib entah ke mana?

 2nd visitor       : “So what do you mean by telling us such a thing?”

3rd visitor       : “Just look at these paintings! Some of them are not Mr. Brown’s style. The

    characteristics of these paintings similar to Anderson’s”.

1st visitor        : “O. . . come on man! Do you think he stole Anderson’s paintings?”

3rd visitor       : “I don’t know. . . I just  . . . (perkataannya terputus karena tour guide berkata

    kepada para pengunjung dan memperkenalkan Mr. Brown yang kebetulan ada di


 Tour Guide     : “Gentlement . . . let me introduce, this is Mr. Brown . . .” Mr. Bown they are

the students of the University of Southern California majority in department


 Mr. Brown      : “Gentlement . . . thank you for visiting my gallery and enjoy yourselves . . .

    would you excuse me . . . I have some importance!”


A visitor asked

Seorang pengunjung bertanya

 2nd visitor       : “Excuse me, sir! Can ask you something?”

Mr. Brown      : “Yes, . . . What is it?”

2nd visitor       : “I am interensted in this painting . . . look at the palm . . . it looks like real

    palmprint with a real blood”

Mr. Brown      : “No, of course that’s isn’t real . . . that’s why I become the best painter in this

    country, I just wanna make it looks real. Ok . . . gentlemen sorry once again

    I can’t linger here  . . . hey . . . thank you for the question, son”

  Mr. Brown went into his room. But unconsciously, an object (necklace) fell from the pocket of his pants and everyone didn’t know unless security that happened to see accidently

In a word. . . because it was already late in the afternoon, the gallery then finally closed and all the visitors go home.

 The security then takes the necklace that have already fallen and he briefly sees the necklace and it looks like there is a missing part  in the necklace. Meanwhile, The part of it matches with another part belong to him. Eventually, he learns that the murder of his father during this time was his own superior, namely Brown

 Mr. Brown masuk ke ruangannya. Tapi secara tak sadar ada benda (kalung) yang terjatuh dari dalam kantung celananya dan setiap orang tidak mengetahui kecuali security yang kebetulan melihat kejadian itu.

 Singkat cerita . . . karena hari sudah menjelang petang, galeri itupun akhirnya tutup dan semua pengunjung pulang

  The Security then approached Mr. Brown and knocked on the door.

Security lalu mendekati ruangan Mr. Brown dan mengetuk pintu.

 Mr. Brwon      : Yes,. . . come in! What is it?

 Security           : I want to know, whether this necklace is yours?

Mr. Brwon      : Yes, that’s mine. Why could it be there with you?

Security           : when you enter your office, this thing fell and I took it.

Mr. Brwon      : I see. . .have a seat, please!

Security           : no, thank you, sir!

Mr. Brown      : Drink?

Security           : Yes, please!

Mr. Brown      : Coke?

Security           : That’s fine. Sir can I ask you something?

Mr. Brwon      : yes, sure. What is it?

Security           :  How did you get it? I mean, how did you get the necklace? Because the picture in the necklace isn’t you.

 Mr. Brown      : “It’s a long story”. The important thing is I have all these now. . . . money. . . popularity and so many things . . . .ha. . ha. .ha. . .ha

 uddenly security approached Mr. Brown and thrust a knife at Mr. Brown

Tiba-tiba security mendekati Mr. Brown dan menusukkan pisau kepada Mr. Brown

 Mr. Brown      : “what have you done to me? Why? . . . sambil terhuyung-huyung

Security           : “Why? . . .Did you say why? . . . look at this (while pulling out a photo of his father  = sambil mengeluarkan foto ayahnya)

                           Do you know him?

Mr. Brown      : you . . . you . . . ugh . . .( while enduring pain = sambil menahan rasa sakit)

Security           : Yes, I am the son of Anderson . . . . you killed him. Now, it’s time to get back of

  what you have taken away from my father.

(Security was momentarily stunned while looking up at the ceiling and soon two police officers arrived)

(sesaat security tertegun sambil melihat ke atas langit-langit dan tak lama kemudian datanglah dua orang polisi)

 st cop            : Freeze! Throw your weapon and hands’ up!


The police handcuffed the security guard and took him for legal processing

(Polisi memborgol security itu dan dibawa untuk diproses hukum)


The End